Creative Landscape Design

Encouraging and enhancing your outdoor experience

Inspired Landscape Designer

Beyond Wild Flowers provides landscape design and installation that transforms your space to fit your lifestyle while adding natural wonder to your landscape. With inspiration from Mother Nature, Dan will provide landscape design ideas that create a serene space in harmony with the climate and environment. The ways you want to live in and view the space direct Dan’s designs. He recognizes that this will be your landscape and he wants to know how you will use it. He calls this the “Eye of the Beholder vs. the Eye of the Creator.” Your movement in and through the landscape and the functions that are important to you guide Dan as a landscape designer. He will create a flow through the space that is rewarded with a sense of discovery. He uses native, xeric and climate-appropriate plants that provide a variety of textures, colors and interest over the longest season possible.

Landscape Installation

Our landscape construction services make it a seamless process from design to finished product. Designs evolve with your input not only during the design phase but throughout the installation process as well. Your budget is considered in selecting materials to be used in your design. Patios, walkways, berms, boulders, dry stream beds, water features as well as walls and fences are all possible with our landscape construction services.

Landscaping Intimate Spaces

Many Taos properties have small courtyards. This elevates the need for using plant material that will perform for a long season. It also calls for careful use of space to maintain flow and functionality while enhancing unfolding visual discovery. Dan works to integrate the elements and plants you like to his designs. And he’ll introduce you to myriad ideas that will assure the success of your landscape installation.

Landscape Design Examples

Taos Public Library

library before


library during

During Construction

library 2018-05

Upon Completion, May 2018

library 2018-08

August 2018

library 2019-08

August 2019

Creating a Taos Backyard

peggy before


peggy at planting

During Planting

peggy 2 years after

Two Years after Completion

Transforming an entryway garden too shady for flowers.

Transforming an entryway garden too shady for flowers
design bombel 2

A significant upgrade to stairs on a woodland path.

A significant upgrade to stairs on a woodland path
A significant upgrade to stairs on a woodland path

Creating an outdoor room out of a neglected corner of lawn.

design goode 1


design goode 2

Upon completion

design goode 3


Phase one of a new home’s landscape. Patio and steps built into what will become a sloped garden.

design greif 1
design greif 2

Bold simplicity, at client request, in a slope adjacent to a new garage.

design olufsen 1
design olufsen 2

Boulder retaining wall for patio with native meadow below.

design waye a 1

Boulder placement to delineate patio, walk and stairs to river.

design waye a 2

Completed stairs.

design waye a 3

Looking back at house after plantings have established.

Zen garden to be viewed from windows throughout house.

design waye b 1

Placing key visual boulder.

design waye b 2

Completed Zen garden with thyme ground cover and Japanese maple getting established.

Side-by-side homes. Owners desired a unified landscape. Berms and swales used throughout their landscape integrate and flow into a dry streambed between the homes with a bridge and walkway connecting their two front doors.

design woodward 1
design woodward 2

SpiriTaos Courtyard

ST ctyd 1

Staging materials for construction of entry walkway, patio and gardens.

ST ctyd 2

Hardscape completed and plants added to garden beds.

ST ctyd 4

Maturing landscape, including the vines on wall.

ST ctyd 5

Opposite view of same space showing structure of grasses against use of recycled metal and windows.

SpiriTaos Plants

Using plants to complement one another and the landscape where they’re being used.
ST plants 1
ST plants 2

SpiriTaos Steps

Using a crane to place immense stone slabs that become steps.
ST steps 1
ST steps 2